Goals Binder

One of my current binder projects is a personal development / life goals binder. This is something I have been using for a couple of years now. Since I’m working on a fresh start, I decided to completely destruct and reconstruct my binder to keep everything current and to have another good read through everything.

This is a truly excellent personal development program for developing your own binder/life plan with maximum success: http://mylifebook.com/

My binder has evolved over time, but essentially, I have a divider for each significant aspect of my life {career, personal finances, my marriage, etc} and this is where I put my life’s vision {kind of like The Secret about my life}, inspiration, date ideas, plans, to-do lists, reading lists, goals etc. for each of those areas. I snapped this picture of a sampling of the binder’s contents: some vision boards in progress, motivational quotes, to-dos, a workout schedule, some faux ‘blank checks’ to visualize my earning goals & debt repayment goals, even mine & my husband’s Love Language profiles

{ http://www.5lovelanguages.com }.


I just wanted to introduce my goals binder here, and I look forward to sharing some of its contents further as I construct my new binder and work at clearly defining my 16-month goals and getting to work on them.

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