Goals Binder

One of my current binder projects is a personal development / life goals binder. This is something I have been using for a couple of years now. Since I’m working on a fresh start, I decided to completely destruct and reconstruct my binder to keep everything current and to have another good read through everything.

This is a truly excellent personal development program for developing your own binder/life plan with maximum success: http://mylifebook.com/

My binder has evolved over time, but essentially, I have a divider for each significant aspect of my life {career, personal finances, my marriage, etc} and this is where I put my life’s vision {kind of like The Secret about my life}, inspiration, date ideas, plans, to-do lists, reading lists, goals etc. for each of those areas. I snapped this picture of a sampling of the binder’s contents: some vision boards in progress, motivational quotes, to-dos, a workout schedule, some faux ‘blank checks’ to visualize my earning goals & debt repayment goals, even mine & my husband’s Love Language profiles

{ http://www.5lovelanguages.com }.


I just wanted to introduce my goals binder here, and I look forward to sharing some of its contents further as I construct my new binder and work at clearly defining my 16-month goals and getting to work on them.

Meditation Series Starts Tomorrow!

What a great way to start a Monday and have a great morning– Oprah & Deepak Chopra have a new, free 21-day meditation experience beginning tomorrow, August 11th, 2014. It’s called Expanding Your Happiness. Don’t you just love that? I’m so excited.

It runs through to the end of the month, and I love that this is a great tool to get connected and ready to be at my best- just in time for September 01, 2014 when I start working on my 16-month goals.

As previously mentioned, I’m looking forward to participating, and I’m just posting this little reminder in case you’d like to join in:



{this little beauty arrived in my inbox when I registered}

If you’re nervous (or just curious), here’s a good beginner’s resource:

For the record, I am totally one of those people who is terrible at relaxing… I need this more than most people probably. It doesn’t come easy to me, but I’m doing it anyway. Life happens outside your comfort zone!

Here’s to being calm and connected and to Expanding Happiness!

Day Planner & Planning Station

Y’all know how excited I am about my new day planner. It’s such a great way to encourage a fresh start for the fall of 2014 & all of 2015, which is my target time to reach many exciting goals in my life.

There are a couple of things I do to keep my planner organized:
1. I use a set of fine-tip markers (gentle enough not to bleed color onto the other side of pages- I was lucky and found a set that work GREAT at my local dollar store for $3.) to color code my planner.
2. I also use paper tape {AKA washi tape} to mark off long weekends / time off on my monthly calendars. I also use it on my weekly pages {not pictured} to mark the end of a pay period and beginning of a new one. Since I work at home independently, it is up to me to organize my work schedule etc.


I also have a planning station in my home office, where I keep all the supplies I might need to organize my planner, binder projects and other paperwork. This is a great catch-all area.

Here’s what I keep in my planning station:

labels, dividers, post its, loose note paper, card stock, calculator, scissors, stapler, paper tape, tape roll, glue roll, white out roll, tape dispenser, paper clips, binder clip, date stamp & ink pad, Sharpies, & fine-tipped markers.


The shagreen organizer is from the Martha Stewart Home Office collection at Staples {a favorite of mine}, the mini cake stand I use for paper tape is from Bath & Body Works {and was a gift from my best friend with a ‘bloom’ candle it in it}, and the silver tray is from Winners. My fine tipped markers fit quite nicely on it {although of course they don’t always look so tidy}.

These few simple things play a huge role in keeping me organized and on track.

Life Reset

Sometimes I get in a lull and feel like I’m spinning my wheels. We all get like that sometimes, right? So I keep this list on hand of ideas for a ‘life cleanse’ or ‘life reset’. Choosing even a few of these to put into action can really make me feel like I have a fresh start to be motivated and ready to work on my goals.

    Reset Your Life Ideas

1. “I accept myself unconditionally right now” out loud in the mirror for 30 days (from the Hungry For Change documentary)

2. meditating for sleep: breathe in thinking of the word REST, breathe out thinking of the word SLEEP {I love this one, this really works for me!}

3. When I make a mistake and have done what I can to repair it: “I forgive myself immediately and permanently.”

4. step onto my yoga mat, even just for a few minutes

5. I have a Nap button on my alarm clock that I can set in 15-minute increments, and sometimes 15 minutes can really recharge me.

6. ink shedding: set a timer for 10 minutes, a get a pen and paper or open a word document and just write to clear my mind- Don’t over-think anything, just keep writing. This is good for writer’s block.

7. work out. sweating is cleansing to the body.

8. when I feel anxious… take a few deep breaths and think to myself “you are safe.”

9. when considering a purchase… ask myself whether this purchase will enhance my life

10. detox from social media. we all get social media burnout from time to time, and it’s okay to take a break for an hour, a day, a week.

11. further to that, a break from electronics entirely can really reset my pace in life. a walk outdoors, a bike ride, tending to the garden, a long bubble bath… a small break from our screen-filled world can make a big difference.

12. limit caffeine. It has a time and a place in life and when I’m pushing myself beyond the limit, I notice.

13. respecting my money. making smart plans for it and putting it important places.

14. eat something (or ideally, many things) green. this small thing is a big deal.

15. stop for a minute (especially before unhealthy food) and consider what my body is truly hungry for.


What do you do to hit the RESET button in life?

Living Room Inspiration Board

This project is honestly not on my immediate priority list, but I’m enjoying defining my visions for our home nonetheless. Also, sometimes getting clear on a vision helps things to come into my life before I planned, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to dream! Last year my mother-in-law gifted us a gorgeous cream leather sectional, and I haven’t really done much to decorate that room of our home since. Coastal style is the beat of my heart, and I think this is the direction I’d like to take that space. Coastal style feels so relaxing and calm. At the same time, so many preppy brights I love could also fit nicely. Also, who doesn’t love a million throw pillows to dive onto for a weekend Netflix marathon?


{made with Polyvore.com, as always}

Work-At-Home Wear

This is kind of embarrassing: After way too long of working at home in yoga pants or sweats, a few months ago I finally learned the lesson that my appearance affects my ambition. guess what? lazy clothes make me feel lazier, and work clothes make me feel like working. Groundbreaking, I know.

A few months ago, a friend very graciously shared with me that she was reading this :


and after many half-hearted attempts since I’ve started working from home, I decided to give it a real honest effort. I was truly surprised by the difference it made! Unless I’m sick or truly having an off day (then I try to wear workout clothes instead of lounge clothes, at least they feel somewhat productive), I really do make an effort with my appearance now, and I feel so much better about myself, I’m thriving in my work, and overall I just feel better off.

Some days I get really invested and dress up in business attire or a pretty dress. Most days, though, (especially in this summer weather) I’m quite casual- still making an effort to at least put some cute jeans on, apply some simple makeup, give my sometimes-unruly hair a little love, maybe put on a piece of jewelry and some sandals. I also try to hang a blazer, cardigan or a cute pashmina off the back of my chair- even if it’s too warm to need an extra layer that day. The whole concept of ‘getting dressed for the day’ is obviously totally basic , but unless you regularly stay home all day, it might be hard to understand that ‘getting dressed’ for a long time felt optional to me! If I’m not careful, every day for me can feel like the ‘day off’ of someone who works outside the home.

Several years ago I worked at a call center where we had to dress business formal. like, suits. It sounds crazy, but the theory was that it came through in our attitudes and behaviors. And now that I am making an effort to dress for work at home, I think they were on to something. In all seriousness I work alone all day, yet I make more money when I wear a blazer. Kind of remarkable.

A few other benefits to ‘ dressing up to stay home,’ are that my husband gets to see me looking nice every day, and I have a truer sense of my current weight and of the clothes in my closet that fit best at any given time.

Now I know that many people who stay home during the day are busy parenting (which is some seriously important work) and this may or may not apply in that situation, I don’t know and it’s not for me to say. The only life I know how to live is my own {for the record, this sentiment applies to any and all topics discussed on this blog}, and I have no babies (yet) – just a home-based career that needs me to be focused and professional, and dressing for it helps me to do that.

work at home

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Meditation Series

I can always use more calm, centered time in my life, so on Monday I’m beginning a free guided meditation experience with Oprah and Deepak Chopra called Expanding Your Happiness. I attempted a meditation series with them earlier this year and I only made it partway through the three weeks, but I’m going to try again.

Until Monday I’m going to be working on getting prepared… doing yoga and getting connected and also preparing the yoga space in my home office for meditation.

I also received an email with this printable door hanger with meditation tips on the reverse that I think I’ll put to good use on my home office door:


I think this series aligns itself with my Good Morning intentions.

If you’d like to participate in the free 21-day series, here’s the link: