Goals Binder

One of my current binder projects is a personal development / life goals binder. This is something I have been using for a couple of years now. Since I’m working on a fresh start, I decided to completely destruct and reconstruct my binder to keep everything current and to have another good read through everything.

This is a truly excellent personal development program for developing your own binder/life plan with maximum success: http://mylifebook.com/

My binder has evolved over time, but essentially, I have a divider for each significant aspect of my life {career, personal finances, my marriage, etc} and this is where I put my life’s vision {kind of like The Secret about my life}, inspiration, date ideas, plans, to-do lists, reading lists, goals etc. for each of those areas. I snapped this picture of a sampling of the binder’s contents: some vision boards in progress, motivational quotes, to-dos, a workout schedule, some faux ‘blank checks’ to visualize my earning goals & debt repayment goals, even mine & my husband’s Love Language profiles

{ http://www.5lovelanguages.com }.


I just wanted to introduce my goals binder here, and I look forward to sharing some of its contents further as I construct my new binder and work at clearly defining my 16-month goals and getting to work on them.

Recipe Binder

It’s a holiday here, making it a nice long weekend! This gives me more time to tackle projects around the home to help get organized. I go back to work tonight and so I may not have as much time this week to be working on larger projects, but I’m going to keep making baby steps in the direction of my goals and spending this month getting ready for a great September and beyond. I’m just going to work on one thing at a time and keep trying to progress. I love this quote (I’m not sure of the source) that says “Progress is progress, no matter how small” and I also love that Tony Robbins says “Progress equals happiness”. In other words, baby steps in the right direction are a powerful force.

My project for today is to start a recipe binder. I have a few “binder projects” that I’m presently working on, so watch for a couple more binder posts in the future.

Like most people out there, I have a stack of cookbooks, a recipe box, and a hefty Pinterest board full of recipes. It’s time to get them all in one place. One of my best friends has had great success with having a healthy recipe binder and using that to meal plan and do her food shopping, and it’s time I take a lesson.

Basically, the reason for the recipe binder is two-fold:
1. To organize all my recipes, and have them in one convenient location, to encourage meal planning, money saving, and time saving.
2. To make it simpler to eat healthy and to encourage good choices.

I went to Pinterest (where else?) sure that I would find a great free printable kit and this wonderful website did not disappoint.

This is the printable I used:


And I like Martha Stewart Home Office (Staples) divider tabs.

Here are some quick photos of my binder in progress:


Now I’ve just started and got the basic layout organized. I’ll work, little by little, on transferring recipes and getting my binder well stocked.

How do you organize your recipes?