The WHY of Blogging

In case it hasn’t always been clear, I don’t blog because I have it all together- I blog because I DON’T.

five reasons I blog:

1. to hold myself accountable. To continue the march forward in self improvement, knowing that I have a space waiting for me to write about the concrete action I’ve been taking to better myself. To keep going, to keep motivated, to always remember I have work to do.

2. to contribute to the conversation about living a fuller life. I didn’t want to just read what others had to say, I wanted to share those things with others. I also wanted to share my own thoughts and ideas as well in case they might be helpful or motivating.

3. to have my online time be more productive. Too often I have fallen into the time warp of mindless social media without true purpose. Some time ago, I wrote in my goal binder that I would like to, when I turn off my computer, be able to answer to myself:

What did I accomplish?

What did I learn?

And this blog {and the other online reading it inspires me to do} helps me to answer those questions for myself.

4. To connect with online positive influences. One of my favourite concepts is”You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn. I think that in a larger sense where I put my attention, I am influenced {As in, the law of attraction}. I think that if I spend my online time reading only the news and people who complain about the weather etc. I go away with a different attitude. I make it my business to seek out positive influences online, sometimes in the name of this blog. And I like that.

5. I get a chance to be creative. I truly love the work I do for a living, but it is not creative work. sometimes having ‘work to do’ on this blog that makes use of other parts of my mind helps to balance my life.