Happy September!

From today until the end of 2015, I’m going to be working on 16 months’ worth of goals and self improvement. For the most part, this will include working on becoming very healthy, restructuring our finances to meet our 2016 goals of buying a house and being financially ready for TTC, making the most of my career, improving my emotional well-being (managing anxiety) and spending more time and effort reading and learning. My efforts in these areas will be the focus of the blog going forward.

I thought I would start today off by doing a little healthy food meal prep. Our garden has been offering some beautiful harvest recently and it’s a great time of year for cheap local produce.

I started the day off with some green juice- garden kale, garden cucumber, local zucchini, and local bell peppers.

Next I made a variation on eggplant parm – local eggplant, garden tomatoes and herbs, Ezekiel breading, and a basic cheese sauce (mozzarella, cheddar, cream cheese and egg – just trying to use what we have on hand).

Finally I made a roasted eggplant and pepper dip for chicken etc. with local eggplant, local and garden bell peppers (green and purple) and local jalapeno with lemon and butter.


My first priority on this journey is truly my health. It’s so true- where I slack, I lack. I look forward to putting better effort into taking care of myself, which will in turn allow me to succeed in my career, which will in turn propel our finances forward, which puts us closer to so many of our goals. If I don’t take the time and effort to take care of myself, I don’t get to see myself progressing. This is priority one.

The Importance of Work

 This is an exercise from my personal development binder outlining the purpose of working and working hard/working smart. Of course, work can mean any way you contribute in life and does not necessarily mean work for pay.

This is only my particular exercise about my particular work life {again, the only life I know how to live is my own}. This is not one size fits all – everyone’s list would be a little different. This is a wonderful exercise though, and I thought it was worth sharing. It really gives my career goals some weight when I get down to the MEANING behind them.

Because this is real life, I do not necessarily give my very best every single day, but this a helpful reminder of why I should be committed to doing just that. This is a good page in my binder to turn to when I’m feeling unmotivated or discouraged, and it helps me remember why my career goals are so very important. It’s a good, simple way to renew my focus.

Essentially the exercise is to answer the following questions:

 why bother setting goals to succeed in my career? what is my motivation? why is it important to do my best at work?

Why I always strive to do great work:

To contribute to society: to participate in making the world better, to do something to help

For my loved ones: to contribute to our marriage by doing my part to help my husband, bear his burdens and make his life easier & to make my family & friends proud

For my coworkers: To make sure I am a valuable team member and the work load is fairly divided

For the clients: To be delivering a premium quality service for client satisfaction (and thus continued contracts)

For our financial freedom: to make money to finance our daily life and contribute to our financial goals/make our dreams come true

For my emotional health: To feel needed, to feel proud of the work I do, to relieve stress {“as a cure for worry, work”), to be confident

For my physical health: to be productive {which is essential for health & happiness}.

For my mental health: to keep growing and learning, to exercise my brain and stay sharp

To guard my character: I do my best work as a point of honor: to have a clear conscience, to sleep well knowing I have done my best, to honor my commitments, and to be glad to sign my name to my work reputation.

To show my gratitude: to make the most of this amazing work at home opportunity

To make the most of my time {don’t phone it in. we spend more time working than doing anything else- make sure that time is well spent}

To respect the training: to make my student loans and years of education count for something important

To invest in the future: so I will be prepared and qualified for and open to amazing future opportunities by growing my reputation, references, resume. {who knows what the future may hold?}


Happy Monday! What gives your work life meaning?

Work-At-Home Wear

This is kind of embarrassing: After way too long of working at home in yoga pants or sweats, a few months ago I finally learned the lesson that my appearance affects my ambition. guess what? lazy clothes make me feel lazier, and work clothes make me feel like working. Groundbreaking, I know.

A few months ago, a friend very graciously shared with me that she was reading this :


and after many half-hearted attempts since I’ve started working from home, I decided to give it a real honest effort. I was truly surprised by the difference it made! Unless I’m sick or truly having an off day (then I try to wear workout clothes instead of lounge clothes, at least they feel somewhat productive), I really do make an effort with my appearance now, and I feel so much better about myself, I’m thriving in my work, and overall I just feel better off.

Some days I get really invested and dress up in business attire or a pretty dress. Most days, though, (especially in this summer weather) I’m quite casual- still making an effort to at least put some cute jeans on, apply some simple makeup, give my sometimes-unruly hair a little love, maybe put on a piece of jewelry and some sandals. I also try to hang a blazer, cardigan or a cute pashmina off the back of my chair- even if it’s too warm to need an extra layer that day. The whole concept of ‘getting dressed for the day’ is obviously totally basic , but unless you regularly stay home all day, it might be hard to understand that ‘getting dressed’ for a long time felt optional to me! If I’m not careful, every day for me can feel like the ‘day off’ of someone who works outside the home.

Several years ago I worked at a call center where we had to dress business formal. like, suits. It sounds crazy, but the theory was that it came through in our attitudes and behaviors. And now that I am making an effort to dress for work at home, I think they were on to something. In all seriousness I work alone all day, yet I make more money when I wear a blazer. Kind of remarkable.

A few other benefits to ‘ dressing up to stay home,’ are that my husband gets to see me looking nice every day, and I have a truer sense of my current weight and of the clothes in my closet that fit best at any given time.

Now I know that many people who stay home during the day are busy parenting (which is some seriously important work) and this may or may not apply in that situation, I don’t know and it’s not for me to say. The only life I know how to live is my own {for the record, this sentiment applies to any and all topics discussed on this blog}, and I have no babies (yet) – just a home-based career that needs me to be focused and professional, and dressing for it helps me to do that.

work at home

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