The Importance of Work

 This is an exercise from my personal development binder outlining the purpose of working and working hard/working smart. Of course, work can mean any way you contribute in life and does not necessarily mean work for pay.

This is only my particular exercise about my particular work life {again, the only life I know how to live is my own}. This is not one size fits all – everyone’s list would be a little different. This is a wonderful exercise though, and I thought it was worth sharing. It really gives my career goals some weight when I get down to the MEANING behind them.

Because this is real life, I do not necessarily give my very best every single day, but this a helpful reminder of why I should be committed to doing just that. This is a good page in my binder to turn to when I’m feeling unmotivated or discouraged, and it helps me remember why my career goals are so very important. It’s a good, simple way to renew my focus.

Essentially the exercise is to answer the following questions:

 why bother setting goals to succeed in my career? what is my motivation? why is it important to do my best at work?

Why I always strive to do great work:

To contribute to society: to participate in making the world better, to do something to help

For my loved ones: to contribute to our marriage by doing my part to help my husband, bear his burdens and make his life easier & to make my family & friends proud

For my coworkers: To make sure I am a valuable team member and the work load is fairly divided

For the clients: To be delivering a premium quality service for client satisfaction (and thus continued contracts)

For our financial freedom: to make money to finance our daily life and contribute to our financial goals/make our dreams come true

For my emotional health: To feel needed, to feel proud of the work I do, to relieve stress {“as a cure for worry, work”), to be confident

For my physical health: to be productive {which is essential for health & happiness}.

For my mental health: to keep growing and learning, to exercise my brain and stay sharp

To guard my character: I do my best work as a point of honor: to have a clear conscience, to sleep well knowing I have done my best, to honor my commitments, and to be glad to sign my name to my work reputation.

To show my gratitude: to make the most of this amazing work at home opportunity

To make the most of my time {don’t phone it in. we spend more time working than doing anything else- make sure that time is well spent}

To respect the training: to make my student loans and years of education count for something important

To invest in the future: so I will be prepared and qualified for and open to amazing future opportunities by growing my reputation, references, resume. {who knows what the future may hold?}


Happy Monday! What gives your work life meaning?

Life Reset

Sometimes I get in a lull and feel like I’m spinning my wheels. We all get like that sometimes, right? So I keep this list on hand of ideas for a ‘life cleanse’ or ‘life reset’. Choosing even a few of these to put into action can really make me feel like I have a fresh start to be motivated and ready to work on my goals.

    Reset Your Life Ideas

1. “I accept myself unconditionally right now” out loud in the mirror for 30 days (from the Hungry For Change documentary)

2. meditating for sleep: breathe in thinking of the word REST, breathe out thinking of the word SLEEP {I love this one, this really works for me!}

3. When I make a mistake and have done what I can to repair it: “I forgive myself immediately and permanently.”

4. step onto my yoga mat, even just for a few minutes

5. I have a Nap button on my alarm clock that I can set in 15-minute increments, and sometimes 15 minutes can really recharge me.

6. ink shedding: set a timer for 10 minutes, a get a pen and paper or open a word document and just write to clear my mind- Don’t over-think anything, just keep writing. This is good for writer’s block.

7. work out. sweating is cleansing to the body.

8. when I feel anxious… take a few deep breaths and think to myself “you are safe.”

9. when considering a purchase… ask myself whether this purchase will enhance my life

10. detox from social media. we all get social media burnout from time to time, and it’s okay to take a break for an hour, a day, a week.

11. further to that, a break from electronics entirely can really reset my pace in life. a walk outdoors, a bike ride, tending to the garden, a long bubble bath… a small break from our screen-filled world can make a big difference.

12. limit caffeine. It has a time and a place in life and when I’m pushing myself beyond the limit, I notice.

13. respecting my money. making smart plans for it and putting it important places.

14. eat something (or ideally, many things) green. this small thing is a big deal.

15. stop for a minute (especially before unhealthy food) and consider what my body is truly hungry for.


What do you do to hit the RESET button in life?

Happy August!

For me, the month of August is going to be about getting motivated and setting the scene for many months of pursuing my life goals through personal development. Specifically, I have outlined the start of 2016 as a target date for many of my goals. Many of my plans are set in motion to begin at the start of September 2014 and run through the end of December 2015. In other words, I have 16 months’ worth of plans and goals that I will be working on.

I just recently bought a new day planner- Kate Spade New York. It is so pretty. I think a day planner is something to get really excited about and really invest in, because I use it all day every day for many, many months and it’s a great way to be excited about organizing my day, week, month, year and keeping on track with my goals. This particular planner starts August 01, 2014 and runs through December 2015- exactly the 16 target months and as a bonus it starts in August instead of September.

I read somewhere that September is the other January- as in, a good opportunity for a fresh start. I just LOVED that. I thrive on a fresh start! So, this planner starting in August is a great opportunity for me to say that August is the new September! I’m enjoying a fresh start a little early. If you’re looking for an excuse for a fresh start, this is it! It’s day two of a long, wonderful month with plenty of opportunity to shine!

My focus in August will simply be about getting back in the swing of things and preparing to pursue my goals in September. I’m not saying I’m going to wait to be successful and accomplished, but I’m leaving August open to enjoy summer and be more laid back. I’m using August as a refresher month in productivity and pursuing goals. I’m going to work on taking small steps that will help me progress.

My task for today is to clean up! I believe in the difference my home environment can make. I’m always striving to make it beautiful, make it a place I love to be. This morning, I cleaned out our vehicle, and today I’m going to give our a home a nice, good clean.

If you’re thinking cleaning your home is a good place for you to start bettering your life (and for me, it is!) and this task seems overwhelming to you, this is a good resource:

Here’s to a great month of August!