The WHY of Blogging

In case it hasn’t always been clear, I don’t blog because I have it all together- I blog because I DON’T.

five reasons I blog:

1. to hold myself accountable. To continue the march forward in self improvement, knowing that I have a space waiting for me to write about the concrete action I’ve been taking to better myself. To keep going, to keep motivated, to always remember I have work to do.

2. to contribute to the conversation about living a fuller life. I didn’t want to just read what others had to say, I wanted to share those things with others. I also wanted to share my own thoughts and ideas as well in case they might be helpful or motivating.

3. to have my online time be more productive. Too often I have fallen into the time warp of mindless social media without true purpose. Some time ago, I wrote in my goal binder that I would like to, when I turn off my computer, be able to answer to myself:

What did I accomplish?

What did I learn?

And this blog {and the other online reading it inspires me to do} helps me to answer those questions for myself.

4. To connect with online positive influences. One of my favourite concepts is”You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn. I think that in a larger sense where I put my attention, I am influenced {As in, the law of attraction}. I think that if I spend my online time reading only the news and people who complain about the weather etc. I go away with a different attitude. I make it my business to seek out positive influences online, sometimes in the name of this blog. And I like that.

5. I get a chance to be creative. I truly love the work I do for a living, but it is not creative work. sometimes having ‘work to do’ on this blog that makes use of other parts of my mind helps to balance my life.

Food Prep

My project for today was food prep. To start, I bought some great local vegetables and did a garden harvest. The reason for today’s task is pretty simple- when I spend time on the weekend doing food prep, I eat better than when I don’t. And of course, when I eat well, I feel better, I work harder, and I come closer to my health & fitness goals. So this is a good step, and it’s time well spent. I spent a good part of my Sunday in the kitchen with an apron on, and that really is a happy place for me.

Here are some photos from my day:


first row: our local vegetable shopping trip, squash puree, washed and chopped broccoli, prepared turkey scallopine (a favourite of mine!)

second row: tomatoes washed & chopped, grated zucchini

third row: zucchini & tomato puree, taco seasoning (similar to Rachael Ray’s recipe), bean taco zucchini boats (beans, taco seasoning, salsa, tomatoes, cheese), garden greens chopped & ready for salad

fourth row: refresher juice (cucumber & celery juice with coconut water), beet juice, pretty beets (and my nails happened to coordinate!) and ingredients for overnight oats (berries, almond butter, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, oats- I change this up nearly every time, depending on what I have on hand).

I had a productive day, and my fridge and freezer look a little happier! Lots of great food prepared so I can be a little more organized and hopefully healthier this week.

Cheers to time-saving and healthy eating this week!

Happy August!

For me, the month of August is going to be about getting motivated and setting the scene for many months of pursuing my life goals through personal development. Specifically, I have outlined the start of 2016 as a target date for many of my goals. Many of my plans are set in motion to begin at the start of September 2014 and run through the end of December 2015. In other words, I have 16 months’ worth of plans and goals that I will be working on.

I just recently bought a new day planner- Kate Spade New York. It is so pretty. I think a day planner is something to get really excited about and really invest in, because I use it all day every day for many, many months and it’s a great way to be excited about organizing my day, week, month, year and keeping on track with my goals. This particular planner starts August 01, 2014 and runs through December 2015- exactly the 16 target months and as a bonus it starts in August instead of September.

I read somewhere that September is the other January- as in, a good opportunity for a fresh start. I just LOVED that. I thrive on a fresh start! So, this planner starting in August is a great opportunity for me to say that August is the new September! I’m enjoying a fresh start a little early. If you’re looking for an excuse for a fresh start, this is it! It’s day two of a long, wonderful month with plenty of opportunity to shine!

My focus in August will simply be about getting back in the swing of things and preparing to pursue my goals in September. I’m not saying I’m going to wait to be successful and accomplished, but I’m leaving August open to enjoy summer and be more laid back. I’m using August as a refresher month in productivity and pursuing goals. I’m going to work on taking small steps that will help me progress.

My task for today is to clean up! I believe in the difference my home environment can make. I’m always striving to make it beautiful, make it a place I love to be. This morning, I cleaned out our vehicle, and today I’m going to give our a home a nice, good clean.

If you’re thinking cleaning your home is a good place for you to start bettering your life (and for me, it is!) and this task seems overwhelming to you, this is a good resource:

Here’s to a great month of August!