Living Room Inspiration Board

This project is honestly not on my immediate priority list, but I’m enjoying defining my visions for our home nonetheless. Also, sometimes getting clear on a vision helps things to come into my life before I planned, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to dream! Last year my mother-in-law gifted us a gorgeous cream leather sectional, and I haven’t really done much to decorate that room of our home since. Coastal style is the beat of my heart, and I think this is the direction I’d like to take that space. Coastal style feels so relaxing and calm. At the same time, so many preppy brights I love could also fit nicely. Also, who doesn’t love a million throw pillows to dive onto for a weekend Netflix marathon?


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Home Office Inspiration Board

I’m really fortunate to work from home. It is a unique set of very real challenges and very precious benefits, and I love it. It’s not always easy, but I totally believe this is where I’m meant to be.

I’ve been working on using vision boards and inspiration boards a little more, and I’m always striving to improve my home office- to make it a place that I love to be, a place where I really shine.

I used to make this inspiration board for my small, simple home office. It’s a work in progress- some of these things on this board are things I already have, some I’m still working on, but this is the direction I’m headed in: